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Re: standard bug / suggestion: scroll bar placement in frames

From: Vlad Simionescu <intelnav@yahoo.com>
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2008 13:48:58 -0800 (PST)
To: David Woolley <forums@david-woolley.me.uk>
Cc: www-style@w3.org
Message-ID: <992857.83124.qm@web45815.mail.sp1.yahoo.com>

--- On Fri, 11/28/08, David Woolley <forums@david-woolley.me.uk> wrote:

> Vlad Simionescu wrote:
> > Besides, I'm not sure if I've explained well
> enough what I propose. I
> + want the scroll bar, *if* it exists, to always be at the
> edge of the
> + visible area of the frame. So that it's visible and
> usable itself. By
> + visible frame area I mean the area that is actually
> visible at the given
> + moment, that is the intersection of the frame with the
> user area of the
> + browser window. I hope it's clearer now.
> I think I understood that, but what I was saying is that
> this is a result of a design choice in the underlying
> platform, rather than one in CSS, and ought, first, to be
> addressed for the platform, where, if the change has value,
> it will have value for all users, not just users of web
> applications.

OK, first of all, there was a quote from CSS21 earlier that showed that the standard does at least suggest where the scroll bars should be placed. As such, I think it could (and should) suggest the placement as I proposed it. I don't know, maybe there could be an option that the bars be placed as they are now, though I strongly doubt it would ever be useful. Except maybe for backwards compatibility. Anyway, these are details, and I'm sure you know how to handle them way better than I do. I just think that, given that CSS does indicate how the bars should be placed, it should also indicate that they be placed (maybe as an option, IMO as the default option) as I propose.

Second, I have to say I haven't met this problem anywhere else than in browsers. And as I said, I think Windows is not the only platform where it occurs.

Therefore, to me it really looks like a standards problem. As the folks at Firefox also said.

V. Sim.

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