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Re[6]: css with attribues [software]

From: Dmitry Turin <sql4-en@narod.ru>
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 11:17:02 +0200
Message-ID: <183184890421.20080118111702@narod.ru>
To: www-style@w3.org


>> >> We speak about admissibility of merging attributes and properties
>> >> into single space, and possibility to specify them both in tags
>> >> (without 'style=') and in CSS-file.
>> AG>   you want to allow this.
>> AG> <div float="left">
>> AG> <surname color="blue">Name</surname>
>> AG> </div>
>> AG>   with this CSS
>> AG> div[float="left"] {float:none}
>> AG> surname[color="blue"] {color:aqua}
>> And for arbitrary tags also.
AG> What you are proposing to the CSS WG is
AG> if properties can be used as the attribute in Attribute Selectors.
AG>            surname[color="orange"] {color:yellow}
AG> the only part concerning the CSS WG is this.
AG>            surname[color="...."]

And also
               surname {attribute: value}

Please, look at the name of topic ("css with attribues").

AG> Can a CSS property be used as the attribute in Attribute
AG> Selectors? My answer is yes.

Can you give me link to standard on www.w3.org ?

AG> Now Dmitry your quest for the adoption of your proposal
AG> should depart this list and maybe migrate to the html WG list.

  Merging of spaces concerns both public-html@ and www-style@.
  And it's necessary to note, that for public-html@ is more simply:
speach will go only about withdrawing 'style=' from SYNTAX.
  What's about www-style@, deal is more seriously -
correspondence with David Dorward confirms this.

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