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Re: [css3-multicol], [css3-gcpm] float: mid-column Re: multicolumn layouts with text wrapping around cross boundary dives(B

From: (wrong string) åkon Wium Lie <howcome@opera.com>
Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2007 17:21:29 +0200
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To: Peter Moulder <Peter.Moulder@infotech.monash.edu.au> (B
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Also sprach Peter Moulder:

 >   I suggest referring readers to css3-gcpm from css3-multicol, e.g. in
 >   section 7 $,1rx(BSpanning columns$,1ry(B.  css3-gcpm is already listed as a
 >   dependency of css3-multicol, but isn't mentioned anywhere within the
 >   main text.

Good suggestion, I'll add it.

 >   (I'd also be inclined to change the name of css3-gcpm so that people
 >   looking for spanning or footnote or sidenote floats or hyphenation etc.
 >   are more likely to find the right CSS module; though I suppose it's too
 >   late for that now, and I haven't actually thought about a better name.

It's not too late, but we don't have a better name. "Advanced
functionality for paged media" might be more suitable, but what do we
call the next version which has ever more functionality?
"Super-advanced functionality for paged media"?

 >   I don't suppose we could move some of these to different modules, like
 >   hyphenation to css3-text (which already has ,A'(B4.2 $,1rx(BHyphenation$,1ry(B with a
 >   pointer to css3-gcpm), and ,A'(B14 $,1rx(BAdvanced multi-column layout$,1ry(B to
 >   css3-multicol ?  Excuse the na,Ao(Bvet,Ai(B of such suggestions.)

In general, advanced functionality has been moved from other specs
into gcpm. That makes it slightly more cumbersome to read up (two
documents instead of one), but it's more satisfying for implementors
can claim full compliance with a spec rather than, say, 2/3.

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