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[css3-values] attr() function

From: Anne van Kesteren <fora@annevankesteren.nl>
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 12:51:22 +0200
Message-ID: <20050731125122.33vq923y500cwoos@webmail.annevankesteren.nl>
To: www-style@w3.org

If introduced as global value the attr() function should apply to every property
and to every language that has notion of attributes, in my opinion. Note that
theoretically HTML UAs might reject <p color="red"> because it is not valid,
but if they do not it should be supported as expected.

<color> might be a problem though as colors are often specified as '000000'
which is not valid and should be rejected per CSS 2.1. It might be a good thing
if the draft specified that if the source language has contains six or three
digits and the style sheet request them to be parsed as a color UAs should
recognize them as colors even though they are not prefixed with #.

Anne van Kesteren
Received on Sunday, 31 July 2005 10:51:30 UTC

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