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Re: CSS is doomed (10 years per version ?!?)

From: David Woolley <david@djwhome.demon.co.uk>
Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2005 08:56:21 +0100 (BST)
Message-Id: <200507030756.j637uM305491@djwhome.demon.co.uk>
To: www-style@w3.org

> You're quite mistaken.  HTML introduced explicit versioning as of HTML 4.
> See section 7.2 "HTML version information" in the HTML 4.01 specification.
> [1]

The last HTML version in which DOCTYPE and therefore version information
wasn't mandatory was HTML 2.0. However DOCTYPE is still ignored by
many developers in material that is clearly not HTML 2.0, and is almost
never correctly specified in browser specific supersets of HTML 4.01.

> Versioning was included in the specification precisely because quirks mode
> was unmanageable.

My perception is that quirks mode use of version information postdated
the introduction of mandatory DOCTYPEs.

Another key point about versioning is that it is a key aim of the web
that users not be forced to continually update their software and
hardware, so documents should be designed to degrade gracefully. 
In real life, authors are not going to produce multiple versions,
beyond the IE6 "optimised" and Firefox tolerant versions.
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