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[css3-hyperlinks] comments on target-new

From: J. King <mtknight@dark-phantasy.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 22:18:06 -0500
To: www-style@w3.org
Message-ID: <opr30d4ge0k4suho@mail.dark-phantasy.com>

I have been discussion the draft with some colleagues and have a few  
things to say:

1. target-new's default value should probably be 'auto' (which isn't  
currently listed), as the initial behaviour is very much UA-/user  
preference-dependent right now, and there's no reason to force a  
particular (perhaps incompatible) behaviour in this specification.

2. the keyword name of 'tab' seems too implementation-specific.  Granted,  
this a first draft, but it bears mentioning.  Considering Opera does not  
use the term 'tab' and that OmniWeb 5's tabs are more like thumbnails, it  
seems to me that implementation is too inconsistent to justify using such  
a specific term.  Something more generic like 'document' may be more  
appropriate, leaving the exact result undefined, but stating that  
'document' and 'window' should have distinctly different results where  
implementation allows.

3. 'none' seems out of place here, as it's unlike anyone would ever want  
to produce -no- result just because an author spoecified a new target.   
Having the value in target-name would be more consistent as it could apply  
to any target destination, not just new targets.  The value itself seems  
pointless, though--I'd be happy to hear any hypothetical uses for it that  
are more than just remotely likely.

J. King
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