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Re: My Reply to a CSS3 multiple background image question by IanHickson

From: by way of Bert Bos <ted@ahi.uhh.hawaii.edu>
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 22:28:35 +0100
To: www-style@w3.org
Message-Id: <200411252228.35259.ted@ahi.uhh.hawaii.edu>

> Hal's words:
>> I would like to assume a fourth, but based on characteristics
>> already
>>  found in existing CSS capability, for instance the north east south
>>  west of margins or padding:north east south west;
>> would be a good start, but if I would like to use layers, and so
>> make
>>  things a little more complicated, and could actually make these
>> layers
>>  transparent, things would get a lot more interesting but
>> complicated.
>> Going back to the nesw, if I could do background url(n) url(e)
>> url(s)
>>  url(w) for all pics or background url() url(e) url() url(w); for
>> pics
>>  on the left and right, I would be happy.
>> If I could have background url() url(e) url()
>> url(w);background-z-layer
>>  e:1 w:0; so that the right picture was layered above the left one,
>> I'd
>>  be happier, and I would be ecstatic, if I could get
>> background url() url(e) url() url(w);background-z-layer e:1 w:0;
>> background-layer-padding and background-layer-margin to work so that
>> my
>> picture could be offset, or basically if I could get a cool way of
>>  placing those pictures relative to the page, but also some distance
>>  from the left or top anchor points. Forgive this last point if it
>>  sounds fuzzy, I didn't really think this one through yet.
> Yeah, that would be a good idea, although it does make things more
> complicated as you said.  Thing of it is, however, this also makes
> logical
> sense and could also be a fair solution.  Not only that, but I also
> agree
> that it'd make things more interesting.
> The only problem(s) I forsee is using a colon (:) inside a CSS
> property's
> values, such as "background-z-layer: e:1 w:1;"  That would make
> implementation a bit of a trick.  I'd suggest something along the
> lines of
> "background-z-layer: (e=1, w=1);"
> Just a thought.
> Thanks,
> W. Leon Sutton, Jr.
> Hyponiq's Web Development Solutions - www.hyponiqs.com

If we do this, we should at least use consitent names
z-index vs z-layer
left vs west
Browser implementations have enough inconsistent naming
(dark-gray/light-grey etc)
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