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Re: [CSS21] block formatting context/floats

From: <staffan.mahlen@comhem.se>
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2003 19:55:51 +0200
To: "www-style@w3.org" <www-style@w3.org>
Message-ID: <3F7B3147.4242.5F08EB@localhost>

I posted on the block formatting context items in CSS21 a while back, 
and while i do understand that it would take a lot of time to answer 
every question, i would be very thankful if someone would give me 
some hints on the following:

How do nested and adjacent block formatting contexts interact?

My current guess would loosly be something like:

A nested block formatting context by default fits into its containing 
block formatting context forcing the size of the container,  
overridable by explicit width/height properties on the container. Due 
to table model restrictions the override case never occurs when the 
container is display: table-cell.

Sibling block formatting contexts are flowed similar to regular 
blocks, unless they are both floated or both have display: table-cell 
or both have display: inline-block.

Any help much appreciated,
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