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Comments on CSS3: Text LC

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Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 18:30:58 +0200
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2. Introduction

The legend for cell glyphs looks odd, a <dl/> would be appropriate IMO.

[Skipping stuff I don't know anything about.]

4.4. Minimum and maximum font size

| 'auto' means that the user agent determine the minimum readable
| font-size for the media. For example, a value is 9px is recommended
| for Latin scripts.

s/is 9px/of 9px/
I'm not sure that "9px" is correct here. You surely need at least 9 dots
height to form all Latin letters, but is this really "9px" with "px" in the
CSS sense?

| the fonts of the last line of an element are not allowed to become
| larger than the larger of 'font-size' and 'max-font-size'.

Are min- and max-font-size only of use in conjunction with
text-align-last:size;? Instinctively I'd guess, it was possible to define

  body {font-size: 18px}
  ul {font-size: inherit}
  li {font-size: 67%; min-font-size: 9px}

to get readable fonts in nested lists.

6.3. Word breaking

| Name: word-break-CJK

Wasn't there a (unwritten) rule to have all CSS properties lowercase?

Had there been considerations to add a possibility to CSS to allow authors
to specify a (custom) cross-browser hyphenation dictionary?

7.2. White-space control

| Name: linefeed-treatment

I think the property values are self-explaining, but too long. Can you
rename treat-as-space -> space, treat-as-zero-width-space -> zero-width,
ignore-if-after-linefeed > no-double?

| Name: white-space-treatment

The same as above. ignore-if-before-linefeed -> before,
ignore-if-after-linefeed -> after, ignore-if-surrounding-linefeed ->

7.3. Text overflow

| The hint is typically an ellipsis character "..."

But you're using three characters here. I presume you mean the Unicode
character that's behind &hellip; (too lazy to check its number) or an
appropriate alternative. Same for the initial value of
The following example isn't marked up like the others (no maroon background
etc.). Also use blockquote instead of div.citation.
I wonder if not a pseudo-element ::ellipsis would be more convenient.

9. Text decoration

I've written some comments about that chapter of the previous draft a few
days ago, most of those still apply.

9.5. Other text decoration simple properties

| Name: text-underline-position

Everywhere else a value for automatic selection is called "auto", here it's
"auto-pos", any particular reason for that decision?

| Name: text-blink

| Conforming CSS2 user agents are not required to support this value.

What about conforming CSS3 UAs?

11.1. Capitalization

Just had the strange idea of a "kEwL" "h4x0R" or "hacker" value for the
text-transform property, randomizing the case of the characters.

12. Properties index

| In addition to the specified values, all properties take the [table]

The what? The "inherit" value?

Final Thoughts:

It seems as if you've done quite a job in CSS i18n, the backlash is, that
there's *a lot* of confusing, uninteresting information for us Latin script
writers. UA stylesheets aren't anymore useful without support for :lang(), I
There're some inconsequencies in refering to HTML/XHTML and their elements.
You see "<br> XHTML element" (with <code>&lt;br&gt;</code>) as well as "IMG
HTML element" (without <code/>), please keep one representation.

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