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CSS2 - DIVs, Lists and Margins - No Respect

From: Derek Rogerson <derek@derekrogerson.com>
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 18:25:14 -0500
To: <www-style@w3.org>
Message-ID: <LJEHJDEJPCDCOABIJNKNAEBPCCAA.derek@derekrogerson.com>
I am new to this list but perhaps someone could help.

I am unable to get my lists to respect a *floating <div> margin.

The <h3> and <p> elements will stay the required right-margin 24px's away
from the floating div#greek, but the lists (ol, ul) will not. I have tried
giving the lists their own margins but they move from the page margin, not
from the div, which works fine, but doesn't seem the right way.

Do I need to set the lists to some display attribute? Please help.

Here is the code in strict HTML 4.01 which shows the lists giving no respect
to the right <div> margin:

<!--          S T A R T   C O D E             -->

<style type="text/css">
div#greek {
	  float: left;
	  width: 100px;
	  height: 200px;
	  border-style: groove;
	  border-width: thin;
	  border-color: #000000;
	  margin-right: 24px;
	  padding: 6px;

<div id="greek"></div>

<h3>Interdum volgus videt:</h3>
  <li><strong>Interdum volgus videt, est ubi peccat. Si veteres:</strong>

      <li>Interdum volgus</li>
      <li>Ita miratur</li>


<p>Non enim si alii ad alia propensiores sunt propter causas naturales et
antecedentes, idciro etiam nostrarum voluntatum atque appetitionum sunt
causae naturales at antecedentes.</p>

<!--          E N D   C O D E             -->

Thanks in advance for your precious knowledge,

Derek Rogerson
Received on Saturday, 12 January 2002 18:25:23 UTC

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