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Re: More On My Colored Scroll Bar Proposal

From: Vadim Plessky <lucy-ples@mtu-net.ru>
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 14:03:40 +0000
To: "Rock Lyrics Page" <glennxl@hotmail.com>, www-style@w3.org
Message-Id: <20010925102749.64BA97306@mtu.ru>
On Tuesday 25 September 2001 02:58, Rock Lyrics Page wrote:
|   Let me explain more about my proposal. What i meant when i said , and i
|   quote: "Internet Explorer uses it, so why not make it legal", was that
|   Microsoft is pushing IE So much on the poor Windows Users ( Including
| Myself ), they get to see one of the greatest uses of Cascading Style
| Sheets (Colored Scrollbar!). The purpose of making it legal is so the few

Let me disagree here with you. If you want Colored Scrollbar, you can install 
different Theme, and have scrollbar "themed", not "colored".
It's much-much better, in my honest opinion.
(so, my opinion: nice User Interface comes not from CSS, but of course can be 
part of it)
To check out what I mean pls see
This widget theme offers much more than just colored scrollbar - you have 
gradient color at 2/3 of scrollbar, while remaining 1/3 has "gray 
placeholder", simulating molding

| (but growing) Mac users who only have Netscape (And whe all love Netscape!)
| dont get to see it.
|   Also, The colored scrollbar could make more people use CSS (And isn't
| that what whe all want?). I have seen alot of sites that the only bit of
| CSS they use is the colored scrollbar. Ok i know that The Masters Of the
| W3C dont enjoy IE's Little twists to their work, but you got to understand

NOTE:  Konqueror (www.konqueror.org) supports color scrollbars, too.
So it's not an areas 100% owned by MS.
In geenral, I think idea of Scrollbar customization (via CSS) is good.
But extensions MS has are not good. They do not offer possibility to use 
Pixmaps, instead just couple of custom colors.
| that the browser most used 'roun the world is IE. I know that what IE uses
| needs Perfection, at least make a version legal. You could seperate the
| Horizontal, Vertical and the textarea Bars. I know that most people against

I think all elements of UserInterface should be themable.
In particular: buttons, scrollbars, option boxes, selectors, drop-down lists, 
radiobuttons, checkboxes, and (probably) menu text/background, titlebar 
Do I need to repat here that all these elements should support gradients and 
pixmap substitution? I think it's quite natural and logical, but better to 
repeat for clarification. :-)
| the colored scrollbar are still amazed at italic text and the comment tags
| (/* WOW */), but you got to understand that was amazing to the first
| generation of Web users isn't as great to the second generation who have
| grown up with tables, frames, CSS, and JavaScript.
|   What about the third generation who are going to grow up with XML and
| other great stuff that is being worked up by the W3C.
|                  - Thanks for your Consideration
|                              Glenn
|                          Future Web Designer


Vadim Plessky
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