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RE: box-sizing alternative

From: Joe Hewitt <joe@joehewitt.com>
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 14:45:15 -0500
To: "'Tantek Çelik'" <tantek@cs.stanford.edu>, <www-style@w3c.org>
Message-ID: <000001bf82ed$80d07b70$31cfb326@zenimax.com>
> Yes, simplicity (and ease of authoring) is a core goal of CSS.

It appears that I am losing this argument, but the point of it is to do just
as you have said above : go for simplicity and ease of authoring.

Can you please try and justify why it is "easier to author" via
"content-box" than "border-box" ?  I believe it is dramatically easier to
use "border-box".  I will even dare to say that the fact that IE4/IE5/NN4
have implemented "border-box" by default helps to prove my point.  Millions
of developers are used to using it this way.  Why change it?
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