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Re: Horizontal rules

From: Allan Odgaard <Duff@DIKU.DK>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 16:55:54 +0100
To: WWW-Style@W3.Org
Message-ID: <yam8087.2715.145067560@smtpserver.get2net.dk>
On 20-Feb-00, Matthew Brealey wrote:

[ horizontal rulers that respect floats ]
> It isn't necessary. Floating the element will do this (effectively make
> the margin such as to be next to the float) anyway. This has the effect of

But how should I supply this float with the proper width? Unless given by the
user (in pixels) then the width is normally a percentage of the available
horizontal space, though using the containing box to calculate this (which is
the rule for a percentage width) won't respect the other floats.

> disrupting the flow, but by putting clear on the next element, the element
> is effectively in the normal flow - the result is precisely the same as
> setting the margin to that of the float.

huh? By setting 'clear' for the next element I will flush all floats, and this
will not give the desired effect, or did I miss something?

Regards Allan
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