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Re: Changes in CSS2

From: Eric A. Meyer <emeyer@sr71.lit.cwru.edu>
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 16:37:48 -0500
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To: www-style@w3.org
>This is commented out of the spec.

   True, but it still appears in the Index, so I left it in.  Anyone on the
Working Group (who isn't from Microsoft) want to comment on whether or not
it's still being considered for inclusion?  Or on the rest of the list, for
that matter?

><humoungous_snip title="Wow. Didn't realise there was *that* much of a

   Yep.  The size of the specification has roughly doubled between CSS1 and
CSS2, at least in terms of properties and property/value combinations,
units, and so forth (hereafter "items").  So far, I count about 535 items,
and I'm not done combing the spec yet; I expect between 550 and 600 by the
time I'm done.  This is up from about 278 items in CSS1...

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