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RE: Transition (was Re: Capitalize across "span")

From: Smith, Brooke <Brooke.Smith@Butterworths.com.au>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 10:52:22 +1000
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	> Subject:	Re: Transition (was Re: Capitalize across
	> While I realize that many here find using tables for layout
abhorrent, not
	> providing some sort of <NOCSS-P> capability to author a
combined CSS-P/HTML
	> 3.2 document makes it difficult for me to transition to CSS-P
thus slowing
	> adoption of the standard. Clients simply aren't go to pay me
double so that
	> I can do a CSS-P version and a HTML 3.2 tables version. And
presentation is
	> important enough to them that they won't accept what happens
when an older
	> browser tries intrepret a CSS-P page. So I kludge yet again
and use CSS-1
	> and tables.

	I asked a question a couple days ago which no one answered.
Maybe my question wasn't clear:

	          >> John Udall said:
                >> A company can generate valid HTML documents for a
                >> of browser platforms while still maintaining a
		    >> single content-base in XML.

	    > So I said:
          > I like this idea - a good interim solution.  But can someone
say how you
          > detect, in say a Perl CGI script or Omnimark code in an
Omnimark Server,
          > which browser you are sending data to.  This is a
fundamental part of
          > the equation I don't understand.

	What I was asking was, "Can you tell what browser you are
delivering data to so that when you dynamically generate documents you
can output CSS1, CSS2, Tables with Font and BR and other kludges,
depending on what they support."  Maybe through the http header?

	Sorry if you don't think this is relevant to the styles
discussion but I think in the light of my re-phrasing.


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