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Re: Preview: CSS1 Test Suite

From: Eric A. Meyer <emeyer@sr71.lit.cwru.edu>
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 13:56:36 -0500
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To: www-style@w3.org
>In the text properties section:
>The final sentence, which should be stricken, is underlined in NN4 on
>Win'95, although LINKed sheets are supported. This indicates a bug in
>the cascade of which I wasn't aware. If the base.css style sheet is
>deleted, with only the linktest.css left, the sentence is correctly
>rendered. (If the classed .one is replaced by #one - leaving both
>external style sheets in place, the sentence is correctly rendered,
>but that was expected.)
>Is there some plausible explanation?

   This may be a case of incorrect wording on my part.  The class '.one'
found in the embedded style sheet is being ignored in favor of the imported
style-- and now that I review the imported 'linktest.css', maybe it should,
since that selector is more specific.  Here's what I have now:

   P.one {text-decoration: line-through;}

   .one {text-decoration: underline;}

So the descriptive text may well be wrong.  I'll have to recheck the
section on cascading and verify the correct answer with Hakon.  Meanwhile,
this gets a red flag on the fix-list.
   Now, as for the behavior changing with or without the base style sheet,
that seems like a browser bug.  No matter whether the text is right or
wrong, there is nothing in the base style sheet which would affect it.  For
reference, here's the current 'base.css':

BODY {color: black; background-color: #CCCCCC;}
A:link {color: blue;}
A:visited {color: #006600;}

That's it.

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