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Re: Lack of Style for WWW6 (fwd)

From: Christine A. Quinn <cquinn@stanford.edu>
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 1997 09:55:15 -0800
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To: john@htmlhelp.com, www-style@w3.org
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Hope your disappointment will soon be relieved.  We have depended on the W3Consortium
for content in this area.  Since they have a full effort in this arena, we defer to them on
the primary content.  The W3C has a complete track within our program, but as
yet have not forwarded the full extent of their content to us so that we can
post it to our at-a-glance page.  Should be forthcoming.  The at-a-glance page,
in general, is a place-holder until our ICE system is fully populated with content -
ICE, the Interactive Conference Environment, will include all content for the
conference with abstracts and pointers to full papers, etc.

As for the workshop, I apologize if you have not been contacted, could you reply
to me directly to let me know to whom you had sent your materials? That would
be helpful.

Christine Quinn
Co-Chair WWW6

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>> I must say that I am disappointed to see that there is absolutely no mention of
>> CSS1 in the entire program for the WWW6 conference.  Not only am I disappointed
>> to see it, but I am actually shocked.  (And I _did_ submit a half day workshop,
>> though I have never received so much as an acknowledgement despite repeated
>> inquiries...)
>> To see the plans, visit:
>> http://www6conf.slac.stanford.edu/program/at-a-glance.html
>> John
>> John Pozadzides    W e b  D e s i g n  G r o u p
>> john@htmlhelp.com       http://www.htmlhelp.com/
>>        http://www.htmlhelp.com/~john/

Christine A. Quinn
WWW Homepage Coordinator
Stanford University 
Sweet Hall
Stanford, CA 94305-3090
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