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Re: New Working Draft: Positioning HTML Elements with Ca

From: Robert Stevahn <rstevahn@boi.hp.com>
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 1997 17:30:12 -0700
Message-Id: <9702060035.AA14356@hpbs972.boi.hp.com>
To: Jim King <jimk@mathtype.com>
Cc: www-style@w3.org
Jim King <jimk@mathtype.com> writes:

> But I'm still not sure that positioning shouldn't move the item's
> placeholder with the item.  What is the purpose for leaving a blank gap in
> the page where the item is NOT? 

Ease of implementation, avoiding a reflow of contents.

> I'll give you another example: I have an image and I WANT it to overlap
> something below it, so I drop it with the positioning attributes.  But
> because the image took up space above the line, the box for the line is
> still big, but with nothing in it. 

Use absolute, rather than relative positioning.

> I was hoping that the Positioning spec would add the abilities we
> don't have - especially since they specifically mentioned
> subscripting and superscripting by a precise amount as a
> possible use.

The example is admittedly contrived. The alternative was to use an 
animation example utilizing a scripting language, but I really wanted 
to keep scripting out of this draft. Relative positioning, as I think 
is mentioned in the draft, will likely be used mostly for animation 
effects in scripting environments.

> In general I think it's a hole in CSS relative positioning that needs to be
> filled, whether it is filled by fixing the CSS spec or by making these
> things possible through direct positioning statements (via the positioning
> spec). There is a certain amount of overlap between the two, so it's not
> unreasonable to do it in Positioning.

We expect CSS to continue evolving. As long as we haven't done
anything to prevent future extensions that do what you want, I think
we've succeeded. Like every other software project in the world,
we're constrained by schedule. We do what we can at any given moment,
and try not to break extensibility.

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