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RE: [Q] Shouldn't margin-bottom...?

From: Steve Knoblock <knoblock@worldnet.att.net>
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 1997 13:59:07 -0500
Message-Id: <>
To: "Chris Wilson (PSD)" <cwilso@MICROSOFT.com>, "'Chris Lilley'" <Chris.Lilley@sophia.inria.fr>, "'Dan Delaney'" <dionysos@dionysia.org>, "'W3C Style Mailing List'" <www-style@w3.org>
I appreciate all you have done to make CSS work on Internet Explorer. It has
been extremely helpful to have the partial implementation there to work with
and learn. It also helped free me from having to constantly change my pages
and settle on a reasonable structure. Looks a bit plain in NS, but my site
is educational not commercial.

I just tested the margin-bottom and it's there. Big thanks! The things that
interferes greatly with trying to have a page look like a normal 'book' page
is that darn 'built-in' margin.

I want to calculate the top and bottom margin correctly, to make whitespace
equal to a whole number of lines.

h1 {  
   font-size: 12pt;
   margin-top: 8pt;
   margin-bottom: 4pt;

Also are you going to fix the behavior of headings with percent font-sizes?
When I say font-size: 100% on a heading I expect it to be the same size as
the font-size specified on the body. Not 100% of some default size.

Perhaps I do not fully understand the em. I understand it is a unit equal to
the point size of the type. The following code shows a margin of 1px for
both paragraphs. Not one margin of 12pt and one margin of 24pt equivalents.

p.1 {  
   margin-left: 1em;
   font-size: 12pt;
   margin-top: 3pt;
   margin-bottom: 3pt;

p.2 {  
   margin-left: 1em;
   font-size: 24pt;
   margin-top: 3pt;
   margin-bottom: 3pt;

<p class=1>A 12-point em is 12-points.</p>

<p class=2>A 24-point em is 24-points.</p>

My version is 4.70.1215

Thank you,


At 06:40 PM 2/4/97 +0000, Chris Wilson (PSD) wrote:
>Internet Explorer 3.0 did not implement vertical margins completely
>correctly, in several ways:
>1) Bottom margins were not implemented at all (!)
>2) Paragraphs have a "built-in" margin that is not overridden by CSS
>3) Vertical margins did not collapse according to the draft.
>The first of these (bottom margin) was fixed in 3.01 release, as was
>lack of "em" support.  The others, well, that's what happens when the
>prime developer on a feature set gets really sick.  Sorry.  :^)
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