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RE: HSL Troll...

From: Chris Wilson (PSD) <cwilso@MICROSOFT.com>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 10:27:02 -0800
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Actually, you missed one - mm.  I see a need for points (they're the unit of
choice in typography, and the conversion between points and inches/cm is not
always absolute), and inches (they're "absolute", and commonly used for
margin specification in American software) - since the whole world doesn't
use inches ;^), centimeters should be supported as well.  I would be happy
dropping picas and millimeters.  On the other hand, the overhead of
additional units that easily convert to other units is probably confinable
to a couple of dozen bytes, so it's probably not worth removing them at this
point.  I doubt, however, that many people use mm or pc - you could probably
leave them out of a UA and no-one would notice.

On the other hand, if you left a color model out, and a large group of
people like those who have been deluging the list use it, you will get no
colors.  I haven't heard of anyone singing the praises of mm over cm, or pc
over pt, but maybe I just don't hang around in the right places.  :^)

Chris Wilson

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> > lots of color models, when their work could easily be done in the
> > authoring UI.  To me, HSL is only slightly better than RGB for
> I have no problem with that. However then why is there four absolute 
> units of measure in CSS that indicate unit length: pt, pc, cm, in ?
> (I hope I got those right)
> It's always been a matter of consistency that has bothered me.
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