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Re: HTML Styles

From: Jonathan L Neuenschwander <jonathan@ecn.purdue.edu>
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 11:17:23 -0500 (EST)
Message-Id: <199609271617.LAA29273@schenectady.ecn.purdue.edu>
To: www-style@w3.org
> Question:  Do you know if there are any texts available to the public on
> HTML Cascading Styles?  I would like to purchase a well written,
> user-friendly book and learn more about it since styles are going to
> play a very important role in future Web page development.  If you don't

To my knowledge, there aren't any books about style sheets on the shelf as
yet.  One, _Designing_for_the_Web_With_Style_Sheets_ was supposed to have 
been published in August, and a month later it's still not out.  Here's the
info on it from amazon.com;
Designing for the Web With Style Sheets
by Hyden Development Team 
Bk&Cd-Rom Edition 
List: $35.00
Published by Hayden Books
Publication date: September 1, 1996
ISBN: 1568303068

Not Yet Available

The book provides a quick introduction to the benefits of style sheets, and 
then dives into the details of style sheet syntax and how to use style sheets 
I cut out Amazon's price/ordering info.  To see this entry on their website,
go to;
Or do a search with the info I've given you up above.

I believe Hakon Lie is also working on a book, which should be very insightful
since he's the creative force behind CSS.  I don't know when that's to be
published though.  (Care to give yourself a plug, Hakon?  :-)

> know of any texts, can you suggest some good URLs on the Internet that
> explain cascading styles well.

Wired's webmonkey has an introduction at:

Of course, W3C has info at 

Microsoft's brief overview is at

And they (Microsoft) have a pretty good user's guide at:

If anyone else knows of any books/URLs, I too would love to hear about them!


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