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Re: Relative weight - reader vs. author styles

From: David Seibert <dseibert@squll.sqwest.bc.ca>
Date: 18 Nov 1996 20:58:46 +0000
To: wij@world.std.com (William I. Johnston), webman@netroute.net, www-style@w3.org, Chris.Lilley@sophia.inria.fr, www-style-request@w3.org
Cc: dseibert@squll.sqwest.bc.ca
Message-Id: <1996Nov18.205847+0000@sqruffy>
In <9611181513.ZM1658@grommit.inria.fr>, Chris Lilley wrote:
>On Nov 15,  1:51pm, William I. Johnston wrote:
>> I wish this were changed to make it a requirement that style sheets
>> could be turned off and on by users, as a last resort against
>> authors who use IMPORTANT for all aspects of their style guides.
>If you turn off all stylesheets, what is displayed? The HTML source?
>Conceptually the default stylesheet is what the browser normally uses
>to display a document, and conceptually this is always present
>there is no document display.

It seems pretty clear to me that he doesn't want to turn _all_
stylesheets off, but to turn all of the author's stylesheets
off.  I also like the idea of having this option available, which
would be especially handy for people with mediocre network
connections who wouldn't have to wait for the extra http calls.

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