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Re: Sound File "Finished" Event

From: Jack Jansen <jack@oratrix.nl>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 00:08:52 +0200
To: "Adams, Richard" <radams04@sprintspectrum.com>
Cc: "'W3 SMIL Mailing List'" <www-smil@w3.org>
Message-Id: <19990812220857.BC836993@oratrix.oratrix.nl>

Recently, "Adams, Richard" <radams04@sprintspectrum.com> said:
> Does anyone know how make a script function execute after a sound file has
> finished playing a specified number of times? Specifically, I want my HTML
> page to play a MIDI file a certain number of times (the number of loops is
> user specified), then I want to load a new HTML page. I thought I could have
> a script function triggered by a "sound file is finished playing" event, but
> I don't find a capability like this, either in HTML or SMIL.

If you use a SMIL viewer that can handle HTML (like the GRiNS player)
this is simple:
  <text href="firstpage.html" .../>
  <audio href="audio.aiff" repeat="3"/>
<text href="secondpage.html" .../>

If you want to do this in your HTML browser with an embedded G2 plugin 
or something like that it is (as far as I know) impossible. SMIL 2
will probably contain enough machinery to do this.
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