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Just SMIL News - Nov 4, 1998

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Just SMIL News for Nov 4, 1998
For links, please visit http://www.justsmil.com/

"Barbizon" in December
HELIO will release their next version of a Java-based SMIL player (named
"Barbizon") sometime during the month of December. The new SOJA 1.0 BETA
will support GIF and JPEG images, the AU audio format, and plain text.
Partial support for RealText is also planned. Improvements to the parser
since the "Antipolis" release include better handling of links, full SWITCH
tag support, and a user preferences panel. For more information, visit
their site.

More Coverage of HTML+TIME
Shvatz at Wired's webmonkey, takes a look at HTML+TIME this week. Despite
some reservations, he apparently likes it. If you are still trying to
figure out what all the HTML+TIME fuss is about, you can catch his article
online at webmonkey or visit the new HTML+TIME section here at Just SMIL.

Guides and Tool Updates
Just SMIL has updated the Guides and Tools sections. Featured new links
include a host of new offerings from RealNetworks. Looking for SMIL
wizardry and tricks? Visit their SMIL Tutorials and Tips page. Need the
latest free tools, documentation, and samples in one download? The
RealSystem G2 Authoring Kit holds it all. Need authoring utilities like a
SMIL Evaluator or a RealPix Bandwidth Calculator? Once again, RealNetworks
has come through for you with the latest free resources.

Gallery Reopens
After a lengthy hiatus, the Just SMIL Gallery has reopened and is now
taking suggestions for SMIL masterpieces to feature. If you have a SMIL
piece or have surfed across a work that you thought was outstanding, please
let us know. As always, we prefer it if you provide access to the original
SMIL source files. Many a SMIL author will learn from your work if they can
see how you put your SMIL together.        


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