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RuleML disjonction case

From: Alain Escaffre <alain.escaffre@freesbee.fr>
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 02:38:31 +0100
To: <www-rdf-rules@w3.org>
Cc: "'Olivier LE GUYADER'" <olivier_lg@yahoo.fr>
Message-ID: <001401c3c2ac$25a83550$7af4dc51@sozopole>
  Here is a case I can't find any exemple about on the web : RuleML is
supposed to manage constraint programmation : here is my axiom to be
expressed :
" if A,B,C are 3 points of a line D, you can't have  A between B and C
and B between A and C"
Any Ideas of how to implement it in RuleML? Take care, we can't use
Moore's law  here ( non(A&B) =A||B) because it wouldn'be equivalent.
another one disturbs me :  without details, it is about how  to
translate : "if if you have A then  you have either B or C" (exlusive
What made me think it was possible  is  this schema from "Design
rationale of RuleML : a markup language for semantic web rules", by
Harold Boley, Said Tabet and Gerd Wagner.

Unfortunately no examples of (1) are avaible on the web, neither are
ones about reaction rules wich are neither Integrety Constraints nor
Derivation Rules. I hope I didn't mislead on the meaning of this schema
! Thank you very much for helping ...
Best regards,

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