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Re: OWL-DL as graph

From: Jerome Euzenat <Jerome.Euzenat@inrialpes.fr>
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 10:15:39 +0200
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Cc: Matt Williams <matthew.williams@cancer.org.uk>

Hello Matt,

In your message (OWL-DL as graph) of 19/09/2005,
you wrote:
>My next problem is in tyring to find expressions for expressing OWL-DL
>as a graph syntax. I have seen the AS&S documents for conversion to RDF
>syntax, which I need to read in some more detail.
>My question concerns the following problem:
>I want to express statements of the form:
>1: "exists R(C exists R'.C')"

I am not sure I understand the syntax here, can you paraphrase it?
(how are the Cs quantified? are they constants? I assume the 
existential quantifer is on the role R).

>2: "not (exists R(C exists R'.C'))"
>3: "exists R(C not exists R'.C')"
>I can use De Morgans law to show that 2 and 3 are equivalent to "not 1".
>However, I'm interested in exploring the way in which 2 and 3 are
>different to one another.
>I think I can do this by expressing the statements as a directed graph,
>and calculating the degree of similarity between the terms (using some
>suitable metric).
>Does anyone know of other work expressing DLs as graphs before
>manipulating them? I have found little in the DL Hb, Citeseer or Google.
>Thanks for your help,

The two tracks would be to look for Feature-structure (feature 
algebras...) and Conceptual graphs (a.k.a, conceptual structures).

However, both of them do not go easily with negation.

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