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IEA/AIE-2005 Sumbission Deadline Extended (Nov. 14th)

From: N. Fanizzi <fanizzi@di.uniba.it>
Date: Thu, 04 Nov 2004 11:51:48 +0100
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****** Apologies for multiple postings *******

Due to many requests,
the paper submission deadline has been extended to:
               ___NOVEMBER 14TH___

Eighteenth International Conference on
Industrial & Engineering Applications of
Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems


June 22-25, 2005
Dipartimento di Informatica
Universita degli Studi di Bari, Italy

Sponsored by:
International Society of Applied Intelligence
Organized in Cooperation with:
ENNS, INNS, JSAI, Texas State, AI*IA

IEA/AIE 2005 continues the tradition of emphasizing applications of
artificial intelligence and knowledge-based systems to solve real-life
problems in all areas including, engineering, science, industry,
automation & robotics, business and finance, medicine & biomedicine,
bioinformatics, cyberspace, and man-machine interactions.
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- Adaptive Control
- Intelligent Interfaces
- Applications to Design
- Intelligent Systems In Education
- Applications to Manufacturing
- Internet Applications
- Autonomous Agents
- KBS Methodology
- BioInformatics
- Knowledge Management
- Case-based Reasoning
- Knowledge Processing
- Computer Vision
- Machine Learning
- Constraint Satisfaction
- Model-based Reasoning
- Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery
- Natural Language Processing
- Decision Support
- Neural Networks
- Distributed Problem Solving
- Planning and Scheduling
- Expert Systems
- Reasoning Under Uncertainty
- Fuzzy Logic
- Spatial Reasoning
- Genetic Algorithms
- Speech Recognition
- Genetic Programming
- System Integration
- Heuristic Search
- Systems for Real Life Applications
- Human-Robot Interaction
- Temporal Reasoning

Submission Process and Schedule

* Authors are invited to submit their paper, written in English, of
up to 10 pages, presenting the results of original research or
innovative practical applications relevant to the conference. Practical
experiences with state-of-the-art AI methodologies are also acceptable
when they reflect lessons of unique value to the conference attendees.

* Shorter works, up to 6 pages, to be presented in 10 minutes, may
be submitted as SHORT PAPERS representing work in progress or suggesting
possible research directions. (Please, indicate "short paper"
exclusively in the comments text-area of the submission form).

* All papers will have to be submitted electronically through the
web-based system, http://www.di.uniba.it/iea-aie/submission.html
following the instructions therein. Paper submission is required by


All papers will be formally peer reviewed.
Notification of the results of the review process will be made by
January 17, 2005; final copies of papers for inclusion in the
conference proceedings will be due by February 25, 2005

* All submitted papers must be (strictly) in PDF format.
The papers must be prepared in MS Word or LaTeX, complying to Springer's
LNCS style (see the typesetting guidelines mentioned below).
All papers must provide a key word list including one or more of the
topics listed above.

* The bundle of the final version of the accepted papers will
require the sources used during the preparation as well as the files of
the figures, etc...

* The conference proceedings, published in a bound volume by
Springer-Verlag in their 'Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence'
series will be available at the conference (see the typesetting
guidelines at the publisher's site

* Referees will be asked to nominate papers for a Best Paper award
to be announced at the conference. All papers, but particularly those
nominated for the Best Paper competition, will be automatically
considered for publication in an expanded form in the International
Journal of Applied Intelligence.


Papers submission deadline:
November 14, 2004 (EXTENDED)
Notification of review results:
January 17, 2005
Final paper submission deadline:
February 25, 2005


Moonis Ali, Professor
General Chair of IEA/AIE-2004
Texas State University-San Marcos
Department of Computer Science
601 University Drive
San Marcos TX 78666-4616 USA
Fax: (+1) 512-245-8750
Email: ma04@txstate.edu

Floriana Esposito, Professor
Program Chair of IEA/AIE-2005
Universita degli Studi di Bari
Dipartimento di Informatica
Via E. Orabona 4
70125 Bari, Italy
Fax/Voice:(+39) 080-544-3264
Email: esposito@di.uniba.it

Program Co-Chairs:
Donato Malerba, Giovanni Semeraro
Email: {malerba, semeraro}@di.uniba.it

Organizing Committee:
Nadia de Carolis, Nicola Fanizzi, Stefano Ferilli
Email: {decarolis, fanizzi, ferilli}@di.uniba.it

Conference Secretariat:
Centro Italiano Congressi CIC Sud


# Agosti M. IT
# Baumeister J. DE
# Belli F. DE
# Borzemski L. PL
# Bratko I. SI
# Cadoli M. IT
# Chang K.H. US
# Chen Z. CN
# Chung P. UK
# Dapoigny R. FR
# Dasigi V.G. US
# del Pobil A.P. ES
# Drummond C. CA
# Famili A. CA
# Frasconi P. IT
# Gaglio S. IT
# Gams M. AT
# Giordana A. IT
# Goker M. US
# Hendtlass T. AU
# Hinde C. UK
# Honkela T. FI
# Ishizuka M. JP
# Ito T. JP
# Kietz J.U. DE
# Klein M. FR
# Koronacki J. PL
# Kumara S. US
# Laurini R. FR
# Lesser V. US
# Loganantharaj R. US
# L=F3pez de M=E1ntaras R. ES
# Matthews M. US
# Mello P. IT
# Mira J. ES
# Missikoff M. IT
# Mitra D. US
# Moniz Pereira L. PT
# Monostori L. HU
# Nguyen N.T. PL
# Okhuno H.G. JP
# Potter W. US
# Ras Z. US
# Saitta L. IT
# Shadbolt N. UK
# Shih T.K. TW
# Silva de Azevedo H.J. BR
# Sim K.M. HK
# Soda G. IT
# Stock O. IT
# Tanaka T. JP
# Tatar M.M. DE
# Torasso P. IT
# Turini F. IT
# Wotawa F. AT
# Yang C. CA

Nicola Fanizzi
Dipartimento di Informatica • Università di Bari
Via E. Orabona, 4 • 70125 Bari • Italy
tel: +39-80-5442293 • fax: +39-80-5443196
Received on Thursday, 4 November 2004 11:03:59 UTC

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