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RE: Literals (Re: model theory for RDF/S)

From: <Patrick.Stickler@nokia.com>
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2001 10:49:00 +0300
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> Subject: RE: Literals (Re: model theory for RDF/S)
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> >Thus, the problem of "05" =? "5" =? "5.0" etc. can be addressed
> >from several directions, and the final solution can be based
> >on several cooperating mechanisms: URI schemes, RDFS, DAML,
> >localhost services, etc.
> That sounds nice, but its actually very complicated. The trouble with 
> this perspective is that while it allows each mechanism to make its 
> own contribution, as it were, it also obliges all the mechanisms to 
> be alert for, and to be able to handle appropriately, any 
> contributions any of the others might make. It forces them to be in a 
> committee which has to meet every time any one of them has anything 
> to say about what might be equal to what.
> It would be better, in practice, if this issue could be organized 
> into distinct parts and these then farmed out to distinct mechanisms 
> or layers to deal with alone. That would be more work for us human 
> committee members, but it would be a lot easier on the software 
> agents that have to use the resulting standards.
> Pat Hayes

Your point is well taken. And in fact I made the comment that I
expect that a "good" solution to this issue will take some work.

And I share your preferance for a solution which simplifies use
at the expense of (a reasonable amount of) more work up front.


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