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Re: Updated version available of DAML+OIL axiomatic semantics with KIF-only files

From: Deborah McGuinness <dlm@ksl.stanford.edu>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 17:41:41 -0700
Message-ID: <3B8EDD45.9C758C5B@ksl.stanford.edu>
To: rdf logic mailing list <www-rdf-logic@w3.org>
As requested, here is a summary of the changes in the new version of the
"Axiomatic Semantics" paper that was posted on Monday:

* The theorems in the document have been significantly revised to
facilitate the use of the axioms for automatic reasoning.  In the new
version, the theorems are all either (1) KIF representations of RDF
statements that one can assume to be included in any knowledge base, (2)
KIF versions of Horn clauses with RDF statements or evaluable
constraints as atoms, or (3) implications in which a conjunction of
atoms (i.e., KIF representations of RDF statements or evaluable
constraints) implies FALSE.  For example, these theorems could be used
by a forward chaining mechanism to infer additional assertions or
logical inconsistencies while a DAML+OIL knowledge base is being loaded.

* A file containing only the axioms and a file containing only the
theorems has been linked to the primary document to facilitate loading
the axioms and theorems into a reasoner.

* The numbering scheme for the axioms and theorems was changed so that
the number associated with an axiom or theorem does not change every
time an axiom or theorem is added to or deleted from the document.

* Bugs and redundancies in the axioms and theorems that were reported to
us were fixed.

This list is also now available on the abstract page

Richard and Deborah

Deborah McGuinness wrote on Monday, August 27, 2001:

> An updated version of the axiomatic semantics for DAML+OIL is available
> at:
> http://www.ksl.stanford.edu/people/dlm/daml-semantics/abstract-axiomatic-semantics.html
> Versions are available in word, html, and text.
> In response to users who are working directly with the axioms and
> theorems, we include pointers to separate kif-only files containing all
> of the kif axioms in the document  and all of the kif theorems in the
> document.
> The kif axioms (and theorems) are currently being checked by Richard
> Waldinger of SRI.
> As usual, all previous versions of our releases are available from:
> http://www.ksl.stanford.edu/people/dlm/daml-semantics/old-versions/

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