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Re: Logic and Using The Semantic Web Toolbox

From: Seth Russell <seth@robustai.net>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 18:06:13 -0800
Message-ID: <3A246495.253AE6CD@robustai.net>
To: "Sean B. Palmer" <sean@mysterylights.com>
CC: www-rdf-logic@w3.org, timbl@w3.org
"Sean B. Palmer" wrote:

> How do we use RDF/RDF Schema to automatically and mechanically assert this
> most basic of RDF Logic functions?

I think we could use a Object Oriented approach to RDF schemas.  Do it like we
do it in C++ but with a RDF style.   The Schema is, after all, just the
expansion of the property arc off our beloved triple.  So why can't we just hang
our methods there?   Something like:

[s1, p1, o1]

[p1, believe, believeProgram]
[p1, forget, forgetProgram]
[p1, invert, invertProgram]
.... the rest of the schema for p1...

[believe, rdf:type, method]

[invertProgram, rdf:type, Action]
[invertProgram, script, Java]
[invertProgram, rdf_1, firstAction]
[invertProgram, rdf_2, secondAction]
[invertProgram, rdf_3, thirdAction]
[invertProgram, rdf_4, fourthAction]
....for however many needed

Note that the Action Sequence bags can nest creating any possible program tree.
So if we put our attention on a triple like [A, isLeftOf, B] and assert [You,
do!, invert] our attention would end up on the triple [B, isRightOf, A]   :))

Don't you think if  [we, do!, it], we could get a little action?

Seth Russell
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