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Re: N-Triples Parser for Python

From: Ivan Herman <ivan@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 10:07:38 +0200
Message-ID: <41761CCA.6050801@w3.org>
To: "Sean B. Palmer" <sean+rdfig@infomesh.net>
Cc: www-rdf-interest@w3.org
As a user of Python and (at this moment, sorry Sean...) of rdflib, I would love to see a 
Python/RDF environment improve! What I would like to have is an RDQL (or should I say 
these days SPARQL?) layer.

I actually did something on top of RDFLIB, see:


(there are some other stuffs in rdflibUtils, too, some of them may not be really 
important). I plan to change this utility to be closer to SPARQL soon (maybe this week).

What I did was a quick hack on the top of rdflib, to check how useful something like that 
is for everyday use (it is VERY useful!). I am sure that a more careful implementation 
that takes into account the internals of rdflib might be much more efficient.

I am happy to play a guinea pig for testing...


Sean B. Palmer wrote:
> I know I've written several N-Triples parsers before, but this one has
> been particularly carefully crafted:
>    http://inamidst.com/proj/rdf/ntriples.py
>    - N-Triples Parser in python, 2004-10
> It takes in buffered streams, deploys a customised readline method to
> parse N-Triples's CRLF/CR/LF line-endings, does a recursive descent
> parse on the lines, and then does string unescaping in as
> specification compliant a manner as possible.
> But I'm announcing this mainly because it's the first glimpse of the
> fruits of a new labour of mine: both Daniel 'eikeon' Krech [BCC'd] and
> I have been working on Python RDF APIs independently for some years
> now, and we're finally just *starting* to look at one another's work.
> Having done a prima facie comparison of our major toolkits, rdflib [1]
> and pyrple [2], I've come to the conclusion that they both make up for
> one another's deficiencies well, and that a joint effort--if
> possible--might be an excellent step forwards for RDF in Python.
> If any folk--especially rdflib and pyrple users--have comments, ideas,
> or requests about any of the things mentioned in this email, they'd be
> very gratefully received.
> Cheers,
> [1] http://rdflib.net/
> [2] http://infomesh.net/pyrple/


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