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Second International Conference on
Knowledge Economy and Development of Science and Technology
"Knowledge Economy meets Science and Technology"
(KEST 2004)
Beijing, China
September 17 20, 2004

KEST-2004 cordially invites KS£¨Knowledge Science£©researchers and
practitioners to meet in Beijing in September this year.
An attractive technical programme has been put together, which covers
a particularly broad spectrum of subfields in KS theory and
practice. It comprises paper presentations, a variety of
specialised workshops and is highlighted by a number of invited talks
from the areas of Ontology Engineering (Nicola Guarino), Knowledge Science (Ruqian Lu), and E-Learning (Riichiro Mizoguchi).
In addition to the talks by Nicola Guarino, Ruqian Lu, and Riichiro Mizoguchi,
which are part of this joint programme, various speakers from
academia and industry will give keynotes on their visions in areas
like Knowledge Science and Engineering, Advanced IT Technologies,
Human-Web/Computer Interaction & E-Services and 
IT Technology & Knowledge Economy.
We look forward to an exciting and inspiring conference and to welcome
you in Beijing shortly.
KEST-2004 organisation committee----------------
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