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From: Karsten Tolle <tolle@dbis.informatik.uni-frankfurt.de>
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 17:03:24 +0100
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... and here the forgotten URL to find more about eRQL and to download the implementaion:


Karsten Tolle
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  I'm pleased to announce Easy RDF Query Language (eRQL)

  Open Source - Freeware - Java 


  Easy RDF Query Language (eRQL) is an intuitive easy to use query language for RDF based
  upon RQL. Even without knowing the underlying schema the user can query RDF data while
  the syntax for it is mainly intuitive. 

  The current eRQL prototype implementation for an eRQL processor called eRQLEngine
  comes with a simple graphical user interface. The eRQLEngine was tested with a partial RQL
  processor called RQLEngine that runs upon VRP and implements the needed features for the
  eRQLEngine. The eRQL prototype implementation is open source freeware and can be
  downloaded as a bundel from the eRqlEnine page. 

  The main design goals for eRQL had been: 

    a.. Simplicity - A user should be enabled to make simple queries even without any
    preliminary knowledge. 
    b.. Schema independence - Queries should be possible without knowing the underlying
    RDF schema for the given data. 
    c.. Power - Powerful queries should be generated by concatenating more simple ones. 
    d.. Domain independence - The query language should be independent of a specific

  eRQL was developed by Fabian Wleklinski and Karsten Tolle.



  Recommendations and comments are welcome!


  Best greetings,


  Karsten Tolle

  Karsten Tolle
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