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Re: Reasoning engine

From: Jingdong Liu <jingdong.liu@sympatico.ca>
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 11:12:49 -0500
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First of all, thanks for all the information provided. Several more
questions, someone may enlighten me.

1. One of OWL foundations is frame-based system. That's a different paradigm
(but related to) from OO technologies. There's huge amount information on OO
analysis and design, but there's little for frame-based systems in term of
analysis and design, at least not a lot out of academic world. Wonder how
long it will take to fill in the gap?

2. Although current semantic web initiatives focus on web-content processing
and reasoning, eventually a wide range of applications will follow the
trend. For example, I am currently interested in applying these technologies
along others such as multiagent systems into network and system management
area. Wonder if the semantic web initiatives take these into consideration
and keep such technology diffusion in the long term view?

3. XML, RDF, OWL, ... are expressive languages in essence. Is current
programming language good enough to fit with them (or knowledge engineering
in broader view), or new programming languages are needed beyond lisp,
prolong, ...? Also, most of software engineers are equipped with Java and
C/C++ now. Does the future software engineering sit on a combination of
expressive and programming languages, or a single language with both


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