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CFP for K-CAP '03

From: John Gennari <gennari@u.washington.edu>
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 18:54:03 -0700
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         Second International Conference on Knowledge Capture
                        October 23-25, 2003
                          Sanibel, Florida

                       CALL FOR PARTICIPATION
               Early registration deadline: Sept 15th!
           See http://sern.ucalgary.ca/ksi/K-CAP/K-CAP2003/

Information in all forms is increasingly available, but using it
effectively requires a range of technologies for representing,
manipulating, and reasoning with information.  These technologies
comprise Knowledge Capture, the extraction of useful knowledge from
vast and diverse sources of information.  Driven by the demands for
knowledge-based applications, and the unprecedented availability of
information on the Internet, the study of knowledge capture has a
renewed importance.

K-CAP 2003 will provide a forum in which to bring together disparate
research communities whose members are interested in efficiently
capturing knowledge from a variety of sources and in creating
representations that can be useful for reasoning. 

Conference Highlights:

  - K-CAP 2003 will be co-located with the International Semantic Web
    Conference (ISWC).  For more on ISWC, see: iswc2003.semanticweb.org

  - K-CAP 2003 will showcase 22 outstanding technical presentations.
    For titles and authors, see: sern.ucalgary.ca/ksi/K-CAP/K-CAP2003
  - K-CAP 2003 will include 5 workshops:
     . Knowledge Markup and Semantic Annotation
     . Knowledge Management and the Semantic Web
     . Information Visualization in Knowledge Capture Technologies
     . Distributed and Collaborative Knowledge Capture
     . Capturing Knowledge from Domain Experts: Progress and Prospects
    For workshop descriptions and organizers, see: 

  - K-CAP 2003 will include an invited talk by Dr. Paul Cohen
    (UMass-Amherst): "How Robot Baby Learns Meaningful
    Representations".  For the talk's abstract, see:

  - K-CAP 2003 will include coordinated presentations on three of the
    largest and most exciting projects on Knowledge Capture:
     . DARPA's Rapid Knowledge Formation project 
     . EPSRC's Advanced Knowledge Technologies project 
     . Vulcan Inc's Project Halo

  - K-CAP 2003 will be held on beautiful Sanibel Island in 
    south Florida.  For details, and to make reservations, see:

For more information on the K-CAP Conference series, see: www.k-cap.org
To register for the Conference, see: sern.ucalgary.ca/ksi/K-CAP/K-CAP2003
The deadline for early registration is September 15, 2003.

IMPORTANT: Please forward this note to anyone you know who might be
interested in attending.  Thank you!
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