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From: Diego Garcia <diego_garcia77@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 08 Oct 2002 21:50:07 +0000
To: www-rdf-interest@w3.org
Message-ID: <F753HvoFOAmEaJswFCH0001a5ab@hotmail.com>

OK, maybe this question is not for this list but It's my best option.
  I have started to develop a web project to manage and save the bookmarks 
over internet. The idea is to represent them as a semantic net and manage 
the whole application as a gpaphic editor but I would like to save the whole 
graphic (the whole semantic net) as an RDF file.

   At the beginnig I thought to use the framework JHotdraw for the graphic 
interface and Jena for the RDF part, but I found a nice framework to 
generate the graphics called JGraph (http://jgraph.sourceforge.net/) which, 
from the graphic, can generate and svg file, and I change my mind to use 
JGraph to generate an SVG and transform that svg (using XSLT) to an RDF file 
(mainly because the backend client is an applet and the size of JHotdraw 
plus Jena is really significant if you compare it with JGraph).

    Recently I joined to this list and I started to read something about 
that I shouldn't use XSLT to generate RDF, but I can't see the  reason (my 
poor brain ;) so How I should focus my project?, is It posible from a SVG 
file to generate an RDF? , am I really lost?, I really would appreciate any 
sugestions or ideas.

Diego Garcia
Aulanet Universidad de Oviedo

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