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Re: Contexts (not again!)

From: Richard H. McCullough <rhm@cdepot.net>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 08:53:01 -0800
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To: <seth@robustai.net>
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Let's just back up a few steps here, and focus on the central ideas.

1. re context:
If we focus attention on a particular statement, the context for that statement is a list of statements which came before it, which define the concepts in the statement, and supply the background needed to understand the statement.

2.  re my KR language
a. At the instance level, a KR (property) statement is just an English-like version of a triple, e.g.
    Dick has sex = male
The "=" is a delimiter which separates the property name from the property value.
Also, KR allows lists every where it makes sense, e.g.
    Dick, Bob has sex=male
    Sue has sex=female, weight=110
    the KR tutorial document has topic=[meaning of context, practical examples]
b. At the concept level, KR specifies the (sub)domain and range of a property
    domain has property = range
For example
    person has sex = [male, female]
    animal has sex = [male, female]
    Class has complementOf = Class
c. KR has several other kinds of statements, e.g.
definition: man is animal with rational
action: John do walk to town done
identity (alias): existent is Thing
subconcept: person isa animal 
                   subPropertyOf isa TransitiveProperty
d. KR has questions, commands, assignments, conditionals, iterations, 
methods (user defined commands), ...
Dick McCullough 
knowledge := man do identify od existent done
knowledge haspart list of proposition

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  Richard H. McCullough wrote:

    I'm having trouble understanding your notion of "context".
    Paraphrasing your three properties:
        Resource has context = Statement
        Statement has contains = Resource
        Bag has contents = Resource
  What does the "=" mean in your KR language?   Can you map your KR language into triples ?

  If we are talking about triples, then a graph is a set of triples.  "Context" appears to be a natural language idea that emerges when a group of agents attempt to share a graph (even perhaps when the graph itself doesn't exist or is distributed in different locations) ... or at least that's what I I'm thinking it is now.  "Scope" is the domain of discourse of a variable ....  isn't it ?  Perhaps with a little though we could agree  how all those ideas are related and tease them apart.  

  Nobody has ever figured out this animated graph .... I wonder why?

  Seth Russell
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