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Ideagraph 0.5 release (+source)

From: Danny Ayers <danny666@virgilio.it>
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 20:49:49 +0100
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(Apologies for any cross-posts)

I'm pleased to announce that a new beta of Ideagraph is now available for
free download, also the source code (for non-commercial use). As the version
number suggests, it's about halfway to what's planned. Loads of bugs, plenty
missing, but already pretty good fun.

Ideagraph is a Personal Knowledge Management tool, with a graphic node & arc
diagram user interface. It's RDF based. The items in the visual mindmaps
("Ideagraphs") may be things like project notes or links to web sites, files
on the local machine, whatever. They all become part of the big conceptual
graph. Possible uses of the current version include brainstorming and
project planning, without being constrained to the tree structure imposed by
many tools. The data is exchangeable as RDF, so Ideagraph can reasonably be
described as a Semantic Web client.

Ideagraph is essentially friendly to any RDF, but some initial work has been
done with RSS. The diagams can be represented/exported as weblogs or RSS
data. Thanks to the general RDF support, these can be rich in metadata, i.e.
semantic weblogs. Syndication feeds may be viewed using the visual
interface, and their items may be incorporated into other Ideagraphs - i.e.
aggregate, process with a few mouse gestures, republish.

Support is planned for many non-RDF formats, and as a first example
Ideagraph can read Really Simple Syndication news feeds (Sjoerd Visscher's
stylesheet is used for preprocessing).

This release is a completely new version of Ideagraph, redesigned &
rewritten from scratch. The amount of experimental code in the previous
version made it very unreliable, so that's been relegated to 'disposable
prototype' status. Much of the (Java) source in the current version is still
quick & dirty, but it was felt best to follow the 'release early' principle.

If you do take a look at Ideagaph, please have a look through the (sketchy!)
online tutorial first - various features aren't altogether obvious.

Feedback (bug reports, comments, suggestions etc) will be greatly
appreciated - currently there are 1001 things on the to-do list, and
anything might help prioritize them further will be welcome! Either mail me
directly, or post to the mailing list.

Download etc:

Mailing list:


Danny Ayers

Semantic Web Log :

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