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R: Semantic Web Mining

From: Antonio Tomarchio <antoniotomarchio@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2001 19:20:48 +0100
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We are very interested in this aspect. We are a company specialized in
Internet solution and we are placed in Italy
We are studying solutions in order to develop a relational database
structure to save Web metadata based on RDF tecnology. The final aim is the
developing of a new generation of searche engines which will be fundamental
for the creation of the semantic Web.
We've already developed a database solution and several venture capitalists
are evaluating our project.

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Oggetto: Semantic Web Mining

> Dear colleague(s),
> we are in the midst of submitting a proposal for an ECML/PKDD workshop
> on "Semantic Web Mining".  There are quite a number of people from
> different communities that approach the field of Semantic Web Mining
> from different, interesting angles. We hope to further, or even
> establish,  communiction between these communities through the
> workshop.
> We want to include people, e.g., from the fields of
> - web mining
> - machine learning
> - semantic web
> - knowledge engineering and acquisition.
> To support our proposal we are solicting statements of interest from
> you. You may support the proposal by simply replying to this mail.
> This does not involve any actual commitment on your side to
> participate in the workshop, but is simply an indication to the ECML
> and PKDD workshop chairs that the topic is of high interest and
> importance.
> Best regards,
> Gerd Stumme, Andreas Hotho
> ----------------------------------
> In the Semantic Web Mining workshop we intend to bring together
> researchers and practitioners from the two fastly developing research
> areas Semantic Web and Web Mining. One can improve the results of Web
> Mining by exploiting the new semantic structures in the web.
> Furthermore, Web Mining can help to build the Semantic Web.
> The Semantic Web is based on a vision of Tim Berners-Lee. He suggests
> to enrich the web by machine processable information which is
> organized on different levels (see
> www.w3.org/DesignIssues/Semantic.html). For Web Mining, the levels
> from XML and RDF to ontologies and logics are of particular interest.
> Web Mining applies data mining techniques on the web. Three areas can
> be distinguished: Web usage mining analyzes the user behavior, web
> structure mining explores the hyperlink structure, and web content
> mining exploits the contents of the documents in the web.
> In the workshop, we want to discuss the use of XML, RDF, ontologies,
> and logics for the three web mining areas; and the support of web
> mining techniques for building (XML and RDF) schemes and ontologies.
> --
> Gerd Stumme, Institut für Angewandte Informatik und Formale
> Beschreibungsverfahren (AIFB), Universität Karlsruhe (TH)
> 0721/608-4754;  http://www.aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de/WBS/gst/

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