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 CRIS 2002
 Call for Papers
 Gaining Insight from Research
 6th International Conference on Current
 Research Information Systems
 Conference Mission
 CRIS 2002 is aimed at promoting
 scientific discussion and information
 exchange. It also should encourage the
 sharing of experience among developers,
 producers and users of research
 information systems. A further
 intention is discussing differing and
 novel approaches and offering ideas on
 inter European cooperation, transfer and
 use of information.
 Conference Topics
 - Development of information
 networks/portals (i.e. from research
 databases to systems encompassing the
 realm of research activities)
 - Semantic heterogeneity of integrated
 searches in structured and non-
 structured information pools and those
 generated by different content analyses
 (databases from different
 countries/institutions and Internet
 - Information structuring: standards,
 new drafts, acceptance (Metadata,
 Dublin Core, CERIF, XML etc.)
 - The verification of information in
 the light of public accessibility via
 Internet (linking research information
 with budgetary and promotional systems
 as well as with library reference
 - User-friendly systems, user help
 systems, mobile library systems
 - User or usage research (market
 analyses, survey, logfile analyses
 - Integration of research information
 in (knowledge) management systems
 Papers in plenary sessions
 Extended abstracts should contain
 sufficient detail to permit reviewers
 to judge its suitability. They should
 be limited to three pages. Successful
 abstract authors will be requested at
 the end of March to send a full paper
 up to the beginning of May. It will be
 reviewed and the authors will be
 notified at the end of June.
 Accompanying each paper must be a
 completed form agreeing to attend the
 conference if the paper is selected.
 Abstracts for proposed workshops should
 be limited to two pages. Please name
 the persons who can contribute
 important discussion points to this
 workshop. Accompanying each abstract
 must be a completed form agreeing to
 organise the workshop and attend the
 conference if the workshop is selected.
 Poster sessions and presentations as
 part of an exhibit
 ... to stimulate communication and
 discussion at the conference. Abstracts
 should be limited to one page.
 Accompanying each abstract must be a
 completed form agreeing to attend the
 conference if the poster or exhibit is
 All abstracts for conference papers,
 workshops, poster sessions and
 presentations should be submitted by
 February 15, 2002 using the form
 provided at the following Internet
 The conference language is English.
 February 15, 2002
 Final deadline for abstracts
 March 22, 2002
 Notification regarding acceptance of
 April 15, 2002
 First programme announcement
 April 22, 2002
 Call for participation
 May 03, 2002
 Deadline for full papers in plenary
 sessions, 810 pages (no more than
 18,000 characters)
 End of June
 Notification of acceptance of full
 June 30, 2002
 Last day of early bird participation
 July 31, 2002
 First list of participants
 August 29 - 31, 2002
 Conference in Kassel, Germany
 All accepted papers and invited talks
 will be published electronically and
 will be available during and after the
 conference at
 Programme Committee
 Adamczak, Wolfgang (University of
 Kassel, Germany)
 Duarte dos Santos, Leonel (University
 of Minho, Portugal)
 Guedler, Juergen (Deutsche
 Forschungsgemeinschaft, Germany)
 Hauge, Jostein (Bergen University
 Library, Norway)
 Jeffery, Keith G. (Rutherford Appleton
 Laboratory, United Kingdom)
 Koskiala, Sinikka (Helsinki University
 of Technology, Finland)
 Lankenau, Irmgard (University of
 Koblenz-Landau, Germany)
 Pfaehler, Dietmar (SAP, Germany)
 van Meel, Marga (Netherlands Institute
 for Scientific Information Services
 (NIWI), The Netherlands)
 Organising Committee
 Adamczak, Wolfgang (University of
 Kassel, Germany)
 Horn, Klaus (University of Kassel,
 Germany) Nase, Annemarie (Social
 Science Information Centre, Bonn,
 Spath, Christian (University of Mainz,
 University of Kassel, Germany
 Social Science Information Centre,
 Bonn, Germany In cooperation with
 Conference Fees
 250 EUR for registration until June 30,
 300 EUR for registration afterwards
 More Information
 General inquiries
 For submissions and/or conference
      participation cris2002@bonn.iz-

Best regards
MSc Andrei S. Lopatenko
Vienna University of Technology
Extension Centre
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