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Re: Announce: RDFAuthor updated with SVG export and RDF/XML import

From: Damian Steer <D.M.Steer@lse.ac.uk>
Date: 12 Dec 2001 16:27:21 +0000
To: <www-rdf-interest@w3.org>
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"Manos Batsis" <m.batsis@bsnet.gr> writes:

> How is the swing version going? I found no info on this on the site.
> This is just not fair!

I'm sorry :-( I apprecitate the problem. The reason it's Mac OS X only
is that Cocoa (OpenStep) is just so easy compared with other systems
(Visual*, JBuilder, CodeWarrior et al).

However I'm intending to write something about how to port it to Swing
and I might try it myself. Having thought about it it might not be
so very difficult - but we shall see. Much of it isn't Cocoa
dependent, and there is a remarkable similarity between the Cocoa and
Swing APIs. Maybe because of Sun's involvement with OpenStep?

In the meantime you can try David Allsop's swing port. It isn't
feature complete, but gives you a taste. It's in the 'Downloads'
directory (near the bottom IIRC). Thanks very much to David for this. 

> I would help but I am still not very competent in Java...

Neither am I. Just look at the source ;-)

I should add that I don't think this is the greatest RDF tool you
could do. I'd like a tool which used java-beans to encapsulate things
like seqs, reification, schema authoring, etc in handy
widgets. RDFAuthor is simple, and might be a useful intoduction to
RDF. Power users need something better.


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