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Re: Statements/Reified statements

From: Jonas Liljegren <jonas@rit.se>
Date: 22 Nov 2000 23:07:50 +0100
To: Sergey Melnik <melnik@db.stanford.edu>
Cc: Pierre-Antoine CHAMPIN <champin@bat710.univ-lyon1.fr>, ML RDF-interest <www-rdf-interest@w3c.org>
Message-ID: <87aearu0cp.fsf@astral.paranormal.se>
Sergey Melnik <melnik@db.stanford.edu> writes:

> Pierre-Antoine CHAMPIN wrote:
> > ...
> > First, Statements and Reified statements are not the same thing.
> Although this is consistent with the spec, I believe there are
> significant advantages both for understanding and manipulating
> reified statements if these two notions are merged into one.
> Can you (or anyone) list some use cases where it is beneficial to
> make this distinction?

 1. It let us the reified statement as a stating

 2. It saves us the trouble of joining reified statements with given
    URIs from diffrent models.

> I can think of several cases, in which distinguishing statements
> vs. reified statements makes things a lot more complicated.  Just
> consider a database query that retrieves all assertions made about a
> statement (by anyone).

Could it be something like this?

select * from arc where subj in ( select id from arc where pred=? and
subj=? and obj=?)

/ Jonas Liljegren

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