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Re: Semantic Web Roadmap Strawman

From: Aaron Swartz <aswartz@swartzfam.com>
Date: Wed, 08 Nov 2000 15:29:38 -0600
To: "Sean B. Palmer" <sean@mysterylights.com>, <www-rdf-interest@w3.org>
Message-ID: <B62EBAD4.1C4CC%aswartz@swartzfam.com>
Sean B. Palmer <sean@mysterylights.com> wrote:

> I. The SW will be an invisible web to the everyday public: the cogs that
> drive the information and storage facilities in the form of XML (currently)
> will only be seen by machines.

This is about as true as saying the same thing about HTML. Yes, the HTML is
visible, and yes, the developers look at it. However, most don't. So it
won't _only_ be seen by machines, but like HTML, mostly.

> II. The SW is not a new web, or the primary output device for information:
> information will be delived to humans via. a semantic interface.

I'm not quite sure what the first part has to do with the second, nor what
you mean by the term "semantic interface".

> III. The SW will be logic based, but will still require some level of human
> supervision.

Of course -- where will the logic come from?

> IV. Although it will operate as acomplex system, using WYSIWYG interfaces
> and editors, the public should find the SW easier to use than the WWW is
> currently.

This is yet to be decided, by the tools that can be created, but I guess the
hope is yes.

> V. The SW conforms to the original vision of the Web.

Reasonable men disagree on this point. ;-)

> If these are correct, *the* two most important features of the SW are
> 1) The internal mechanics - i.e. the SW itself
> 2) Human interface to the SW

I don't see a whole lot of other choices. ;-)

> And I must point out that 2) has been *severely* neglected. IMHO it is just
> as important than 1).

However, I think we can't really have a 2 until we have a 1 to go off of.
I'm of the opinion that you should find the data first, then figure out the
best way to display it, rather than the other way around.

> I hope this is of some use and that I'm not just rambling.

Me too. ;-)

> BTW: A small note of thanks; the members of this list have been very kind
> and considerate always, and always have thoughtful comments, or constructive
> criticism. There isn't even a trace of the obnoxiousness that I have often
> found on other lists. Kudos to you all! - this IG is a shining example to
> all other development communities.

Thanks Sean! I hope (as it well seems) that you understand that my criticism
are meant in a positive spirit, as an attempt to help flesh out what you're
saying. I may be harsh at times, but I hope all understand that this is just
an attempt to be helpful, not as an attack on you.


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