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RDF-programs (metadata conversion, database, search-engine and portal)

From: Pieter Coucke <pieter.coucke@student.kuleuven.ac.be>
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 03:43:00 +0200
To: "Rdf-Interest" <www-rdf-interest@w3.org>
Message-ID: <NDBBJKPBKLEBCOEKPNGDOEGMCBAA.pieter.coucke@student.kuleuven.ac.be>

For my theses I implemented some programs for RDF in Java.

These include:

- a framework to convert metadata to RDF (currently supported types: HTML
and MP3 - other filetypes can easily be added)

- storing RDF in a database (through conversion of RDF to SQL with XSL)

- a search-engine for this database with the possibility to define a query
as detailed as the description of the resource

- a portal that presents a user some resources that might be of interest to
him.  A user's preferences are described in RDF and matched against the
items in the database.

This is work in progress that stopped progressing :)
The aim of this code is not to present a fully functional program.  Although
it works, lots of improvements are possible.  My task this year was to study
the possiblities of metadata for a portal and so I came up with these
I hope they can be of use to anyone, mainly because several people on this
list have asked for programs like this.

More details can be found on


Pieter Coucke


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Pieter Coucke
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