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Re: Anonymous resource names -versus- variables

From: <jos.deroo.jd@belgium.agfa.com>
Date: Fri, 5 May 2000 14:17:05 +0200
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Graham Klyne wrote:
> This sparks a thought for me:  RDF recognizes two "layers" of statements:
>    statements
>    statements about statements, via reification
> Your comments suggest another facet of RDF usage:
>    statements about representations of statements
> I sense that some discussion of RDF gets mired because of failure to
> distinguish between statements, and some representation thereof.  I regard
> this as a vital distinction when considering trust representations (an
> immediate concern for CC/PP).
> I regard RDF in terms of some homogeneous collection of statements (and am
> thinking about building an experimental system that reflects this
> view).  Specific statements are added to the collection via documents that
> contain representations --in XML or whatever-- but any meaning associated
> with a statement must stand when a particular representation in a
> particular document is stripped away.

I can feel what you mean and please try to demonstate it!
A representation 'stands for something' and
a statement is 'something that stands' ???

Best regards,
Jos De Roo --- AGFA

PS This list is so 'interesting'... (Thanks Dan)
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