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RE: assymetric reference of properties

From: Eric Hellman <eric@openly.com>
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 14:41:07 -0500
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To: Jeff Sussna <jeff.sussna@quokka.com>, martin <martin@csi.forth.gr>, www-rdf-interest@w3.org
At 9:04 AM -0800 1/28/00, Jeff Sussna wrote:
>Seems like there might be another solution. This solution begins to step
>away from "orthodox" RDF and points to taking first-class properties
>seriously. It involves making the property an object in its own right. In
>other words, rather than saying "x is identified by y" and "y identifies x",
>one would say something along the lines of
>"instance-of-identification-property connects x and y".

And in fact, that's exactly what we did, but we still wanted to have 
reciprocal properties between the link object and the node objects.

I like martin's idea of having a single property name for both 
directions. I think you can do it with the current RDFS, although 
when you have multiple range and domain classes you get less 


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>We encountered the same situation in our linking metadata schema. A
>lot of code was expended making sure that we don't get stuck in
>endless loops while traversing models with these reciprocal
>relationships- probably its a good excuse to keep the "inverse"
>property out of rdfs. But I certainly agree that it's a needed
>facility at some level.

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