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Re: NameNet LocatioNet ???

From: <heiko.grussbach@crpht.lu>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 08:50:51 +0100
To: rmm@enws293.eas.asu.edu
Cc: www-rdf-interest@w3.org
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Yes, thats correct. At least I would be interested, what people think about
how useful it would be to have that.

Thanks for the information!

By the way, nobody responded so far w.r.t "NameNet". Any WWW-servers
storing biographic information on people?



Raphael Malyankar <rmm@enws293.eas.asu.edu>@w3.org on 20-01-2000 20:50:40

Please respond to rmm@enws293.eas.asu.edu

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Subject:  Re: NameNet LocatioNet ???

Re "LocationNet":

There are several geographical name servers on the Web that store
information about geographical features (including cities, etc).
The Alexandria Digital Library gazetteer mentioned by Simon Cox
is a godd place to start. Another source, limited to US names,
is the USGS Names Information system:


There is a list of place name servers on the Internet at:


I don't know if this page is accessible from outside ASU; if you
can't access it let me know.

Since this is on the RDF list, I assume you (Heiko) are interested
in RDF markup of this information?

-- Raphael

Dept. of Computer Science
Arizona State University
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