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SIMILE PI phone conference, 26-Feb-04 1100 EDT/1600 BST

From: Butler, Mark <mark-h.butler@hp.com>
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 18:56:46 -0000
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SIMILE PI phone conference, 26-Feb-04 1100 EDT/1600 BST

866-639-4752 or +1-574-935-6705
PIN: 2536617
SIMILE web resources http://oregon.w3.org/

For people in Cambridge, Stefano will book a room at CRL so that people can
get together for the call - more details to follow. Please attend if you

Agenda - Review project issue list

1.1. Major Issues
-Need to review decision not to present at Cannes with the team 
-Need to discuss the presentation at the DSpace Meeting 
-Need script for demo at DSpace meeting 
-Do we need more fake data for demo? 
-Relationship between SIMILE and Genesis, availability of source code for
-Liason between SIMILE technical team and Haystack 

1.2. Logistics 
-Steve Garland needs IM access 
-Is there a better way of organising adhoc meetings on IRC i.e.
automatically logging them? 
-Need to have a plan for work after demo 
-Replace IPSSources with home grown infrastructure 
-Wiki generated diffs 

Mark Butler
Research Scientist 
HP Labs Bristol
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