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AGENDA for CNRI Visit (Thursday, 12 June)

From: John S. Erickson <john.erickson@hp.com>
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 11:40:33 -0400
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Cc: "Larry Lannom" <llannom@cnri.reston.va.us>, "Christophe Blanchi" <cblanchi@cnri.reston.va.us>

AGENDA for CNRI Visit to HPLabs - CRL

Times are USA Eastern (Cambridge, MA)

NOTE: Fine details of these topics are intended only to generally "scope" the
discussion and not to confine it.


09:00a-10:30a: TALK, Rodan (audio/video TBA)

10:30a-10:45a: Break

10:45a-12:00a: Topic I: Digital Object Repo Services, HS and The Web
  On the table: Constructing DO Repository Services upon two different
infrastructural models (HS and web-based "stack")
  * WHAT are these services
  * IMPLICATIONS of the alternatives
    - current capabilities of each (e.g. current vs. required capabilities)
    - built-in vs. built-ON capabilities
    - barriers to/incentives to adoption

12:00p-01:00p: LUNCH

01:00p-02:30p: TOPIC II: Practical Considerations in Apply the Handle System
  On the table:
  * WHAT gets names
  * Dealing with LOTS of names
    * Management
    * Scalability
  * CNRI's position w.r.t. to "speculative naming"
    - e.g. only "managed" objects?
    - e.g. only "valuabe" objects?
    - what is the implied/explicit persistence guarantee?
  * Long-term QoS of named objects
    - what is the list of guaranteed services?
    - Is this explicit or implicit
    - is there something that is built-in to deal with losses of service
    - OR is this left to be defined at a higher level

02:30p-02:45p: BREAK

02:45p-03:00p: Lingering Topics and Closing session

03:30p (approx) Guests leave the building

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