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Re: Free Brain Supercharger

From: Patrice Noli <heartofthestar@earthlink.net>
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 08:12:33 -0800
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> Free Brain Supercharger  Name: Patrice Noli

                                              Address: 151 E. Mendocino Ave,
Stockton Ca 95204

                                               Phone:  209 4654176

> From: mindwarrior_2000@yahoo.com
> Date: Thu, Nov 04 1999
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> From: <mindwarrior_2000@yahoo.com>
> To: www-rdf-config@w3.org
> Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1999 15:36:48
> Message-Id: <308.892216.444141@yahoo.com>
> Subject: Free Brain Supercharger
> From: Dane Spotts,
> c/o Mindtek Research & LifeQuest Industries
> http://www.mind-tek.com/afpages/235
> Dear Mind Warrior,
> Would you like to own a technology that can unleash the
> astounding potential hidden within your brain? Learn how
> to zap stress at the push of a button and program your
> subconscious auto-pilot to attract success like a magnet?
> Experience altered mind states that expand your consciousness
> unfolding enlightened awareness?
> Then this may be the most exciting letter you’ll ever receive.
> Why? Because in the next few days I am (with your permission)
> going to send you a breakthrough mind technology to plug your
> brain into, to unleash its awesome potential. And I’m sending it
> to you FREE. It’s called:
> (with Super Intelligence & Mozart Brain Boost soundtracks)
> I just finished mastering it. Two mind-blowing soundtracks: SUPER
> INTELLIGENCE™ (with the Brain Supercharger technology) & MOZART
> BRAIN BOOST™ for activating creative right brain thinking. This
> breakthrough “Brain Supercharger” CD is bundled with my newly
> published book, Super Brain Power: 28 Minutes to a Supercharged
> Brain! (Note: I’ve sold over 500,000 similar soundtracks
> incorporating this technology for up to $50 each. The one I’m
> sending you is free with my book.)
> ==============================
> *******30 DAY FREE TRIAL*******
> I’m so confident that you’ll love my new book “Super Brain Power”
> along with the bonus Brain Supercharger CD, I m willing to send it
> to you FREE for a 30-day trial. Yes. I mean it. You get both the
> Super Brain Power book (264 pages) + The Brain Supercharger CD
> To get your free trial copy simply click “REPLY” on your browser
> and type the following info into the “Subject” and “Body” of your
> email message.
> ==============================
> Audition the book and CD for 30-days and if for any reason you’re
> not completely blown away by the awesome power of these mind tool,
> send it back with-in the 30-days WITHOUT SPENDING A PENNY!
> Otherwise keep it and honor the invoice for 29.95 plus shipping.
> Undecided? The please visit me online at www.mind-tek.com and read
> a sample chapter or two.
> In my book you’ll learn about my 20 year quest...searching for
> tools that could shift the energies of consciousness——leading to
> enlightened awareness. What I discovered in 1987 (and will share
> with you) may be the simplest most powerful technology for
> unleashing the hidden powers of the human mind.
> Listen: I tried everything in the 70’s and 80’s. From flotation
> tanks to brain tune-up machines, but none of it prepared me for
> the mind-blowing experiences of the Brain Supercharger technology.
> As I plugged it into my stereo player, I kept thinking, “It’s just
> a recording.” Then I put on my headphones, flipped the switch, and
> woosh...I was instantly transported into another time and place.
> My body became extremely relaxed. My arms and legs felt numb. I
> started having long conversations with a voice inside my head,
> experiencing vivid memories, and a flood of creative ideas. It
> seemed as if my mind and body were in two separate places. Words
> can hardly describe the experience but it was like taking a two
> week vacation in 28 minutes.
> I realized this was no ordinary recording. Fooling around with
> sound frequencies I discovered a powerful combination that was
> mind-blowing to say the least. Just as certain forms of music can
> affect your mood, it was discovered specific audio frequencies
> played in precise combinations could alter your mind state and
> unfold deep meditative awareness.
> Perhaps one of the great untold human mysteries is the knowledge
> of how to manipulate the energies of consciousness——to unleash the
> true potential of a human being. Experienced meditators, such as
> yogis and mystics spend a majority of their life learning how to
> manipulate these energies. That is the reason they meditate. To
> access higher states of consciousness and plug their minds into
> the wisdom and ecstasy of pure consciousness eventually unfolding
> enlightenment. After years of practice, they are able to
> physically alter their brain’s energy, and open a window into the
> vast unconscious to unleash creative and mental powers that simply
> cannot be accessed in a normal waking state.
> However, I believe there is a way (without any training in
> meditation) to redirect this energy into optimal patterns and
> unleash profound states of altered consciousness and awareness. If
> you’re skeptical I completely understand. I wouldn’t ask you to
> make this leap of faith without proving it to yourself and basing
> your answers on actual personal experience.
> That’s the goal of my book and CD. To share this technology with
> you. Not so you can score better on tests or impress your friends.
> No. This is about accessing a higher form of intelligence.
> Experiencing peak moments...of insight and wisdom that in an
> instant...transform every aspect of your being. For in that moment
> of illumination comes a new kind of brain power, a kind of “super
> intelligence” that allows you to perceive the world in a new way.
> Here’s a glimpse of what you’re about to discover...
> *Mindscripting secrets: Using the “theta” state to reprogram
> negative beliefs and self-sabotaging behavior. (page 48)
> *Synchronicity workshop: tapping into a higher power...greater
> than you. (page 179)
> *How to access your unconscious and release deep inner fears
> holding you back. (page 40)
> *How to erase fear & transform a loser mind-set into a winning
> one. (page 42)
> *The secret of how certain music (like Mozart) can make you
> smarter. (page 66)
> *How the brain distorts space-time and how you can bypass it.
> (page 77)
> *Reprogram your personality by re-directing the energy in your
> brain. (page 89)
> *How to dissolve creativity blocks. (page 98)
> *How to become a conduit for breakthrough insights and peak
> experiences. (page 127)
> *How to rewire your brain to be more like Einstein’s & da Vinci’s.
> (page 91)
> *Dream workshop: Cracking the secret code of your dreams.
> (page 136)
> *Zen: Breaking the barriers of consciousness. (page 196)
> *Experience a mini-near death experience and discover your purpose
> in life. (page 175)
> *Mind Mapping Workshop: Breaking the barrier to creativity,
> learning & memory. (page 165)
> *Intuition Workshop: Experience your inner voice of wisdom.
> (page 156)
> *Learn the way of a mind warrior & transform your inner
> and outer worlds. (page 88)
> *Accelerated learning formula. (page 69)
> *Visualization Workshop: daydream your way to success. (page 183)
> *Master Stress at the push of a button. (page 45)
> The unique CD I’m sending you contains 2 powerful soundtracks. The
> first is Super Intelligence™. Using the Brain Supercharger
> technology, the goal of this soundtrack is to literally “meditate
> you.” Alter your mind state, and open a window into your inner
> mind——the true source of your attitudes & behavior. With regular
> use I believe it can also allow you to access higher states of
> consciousness. The second soundtrack is called Mozart Brain Boost™
> which incorporates the same musical formula tested in a famous
> 1993 study at the University of California to boost student’s IQ
> scores. The research indicates Mozart’s music helps stimulate
> creative right-brain thinking. Now you’ll be able to experiment
> with it yourself while studying, reading or just thinking.
> Both soundtracks (Super Intelligence & Mozart Brain Boost) are
> bundled free with my book. All I ask is that you order a copy and
> read it. And remember yu won’t have to pay for a penny for it it
> until AFTER you’ve reviewed it. The decision will be entirely
> yours.
> Look, I don’t expect you to believe me or take any of this on
> faith. In fact the reason I am giving you this technology is so
> you can prove it to yourself. Then you’ll understand why this is
> so important.
> Also—included with your kit will be some information about a new
> online web/conference group I am forming at www.mind-tek.com for
> “mind warriors” like yourself to connect. As a charter member
> you’ll be able to link-up and share your experiences with others
> on the same path. In addition, I plan to offer online teaching
> forums and workshops in emerging mind technologies and related
> subjects. It’s something you’ll want to be a part of as we cross
> over the threshold into the new millennium.
> Of course the decision to participate is entirely yours, but I’d
> really like your involvement in this project.
> With Much Gratitude & Appreciation,
> Dane Spotts
> A Fellow “Mind Warrior”
> P.S. If you prefer you can get a copy of Super Brain Power at your
> favorite bookstore or online through amazon.com. F.Y.I. — Here’s a
> rather nice review from a reader/experiencer I just pulled off
> amazon.com
> “If you buy only one self-improvement book in your entire life,
> buy Super Brain Power! Using hard science, user testimonials, and
> his own personal experiences, Dane Spotts combines a compelling
> vision of human potential with a practical user’s guide for
> achieving profound personal growth and higher states of
> consciousness. Included with the book is an audio CD containing
> two soundtracks plus an instruction session (performed by the
> author) describing how to use the CD. By itself, I found the book
> contains a tremendous amount of useful information and the “Mind
> Development Tools and Workshops” were easy to understand and
> simple to apply. The bibliography is extensive and the personal
> testimonials and CIA Purchase Order were amazing to say the least.
> The book is well organized and Mr. Spotts is obviously passionate
> about his subject. (The chapter on “The Way of The Mind Warrior”
> was truly inspiring.) The addition of the CD, however,
> dramatically enhances everything in the book. After I listen to
> the soundtracks, the words have more meaning. I am able to
> comprehend and process concepts more easily. My mind is clear
> while at the same time I feel a tremendous sense of peace and
> relaxed enjoyment. It is an amazing experience that I continue to
> recommend to everyone I know.”
> This offer is for US domestic customers only. We apologize for any
> inconvenience but your foreign order is still backed by our 30-day
> Money-Back Guarantee. For more information please check our web
> site www.mind-tek.com or call 425-643-7917
> ******REMOVE***************
> If you wish to be removed from this mailing please let us know,
> Just reply with the REMOVE in the body.
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